Italy | Stelvio Pass: 2800 m

Lake Como • Lake Garda

2 Touring Bicycles 405 km
June 2017 : 7 days

<strong>Servus</strong>, it's us again: Aleks (on the left) & Robi. We are cycling through  South Tyrol and northern of Italy. If you ask a native in what country he lives, he will answer: in South Tyrol. We found out that pupils learn german first and then italian. On the first day we were cycling at a hot 36° C. It was hot even in the tunnels. We refreshed our legs on a break. Aleks ordered an Italianise and I did a South Tyrolise. The owner said we can pick any spot. It rained at night. Our 7 days tour plan. We wanted to drive in Milano, but the all day & night rain changed our path. The bike paths are very well marked. We didn't drive on a traffic road for two days. Could you imagine riding a bike on a road like this more than 100 km? I finaly found in Meran suitable slip-on shoes after a year of searching. Look, a dove! You pick the fruits your S_LF. Put the money in the cashier. Could we do something like this in Slovenia? At night a fox stole our bag with breakfast. We found the empty bag later in the forest. We thought you had to hide your food only on Alaska. Tip for next time. Ortler (3905 m). What if it wasn't a fox but this strange dude? Our only power source was tooth-paste and cookies until the first hut at 2200 m. But we had enough liquid fuels. We were lucky because our gears were working up and brand new brakes down hill. We found out that we don't have a picture of Robi, so we bought one from a pro photographer. Moutain pass Stelvio (Stilfser Joch) is with the height of 2757 m the second highest moutain pass in the Alps. There's a ski resort near that only works in summer. 2800 m above the sea level. Tibet restaurant. Goal reached! Hey, bring us an »Apfelstrudel«, fast! High level striptease in front of Swiss mountains. The end of South Tyrol language. From now on only noi parliamo italiano. In the Top Gear show they rated this road as the World's Greatest Driving Road. Only in Dubai you can see more exclusive sport cars on one spot sadly they have all drove home. When they had their helmets on they looked scary. When they put them off, they look even scarier. Best down hill ever! To Bormio. We cooled down our burning brakes and we hit the road again trough the tunnels and turns. A campsite in Sondalo didn't have a web site, but it had published the wrong phone number. The owner closes the reception at 6 PM. The nice campsite had only 2 guests. We bought <em>specialità</em> pastry with dried fruit, nuts and honey. A real energy bomb, that powered us the whole day. Km and km of a nice cycle path again, where nothing (apart from the rain) is going on. This guy travels with a heavy backpack and a parachute. He has been mostly walking on this day than parachuting. 30 m up theres another bridge, but they decided to build this one, so you don't have to go around. The <em>specialità locale</em> pastry lasted for 70 km and we still didn't eat it. We camped close to the Lake Como on comfortable »water beds« … until it started raining. Meteoalarm rosso! It was raining the whole night. Ohh, thats why they call it the RED one? We finaly ate the località pastry. Even children in kindergarten would draw this car better. The connection before was more spectacular, when we conected from a local road to a high way in the tunnel. There was 15 cm of water in the tunnel. A splash is inevitable. We had enough cycling in the rain. We bought tickets that becomes valid when you stamp it. We finished for today and took a train to Lake Garda. Laundry day. Do you feel soft smell of mountains perfumed flowers? Dad look! Today we have only an a(tra)ctive rest. We locked our valuables in to a safe in the camp reception and locked our bikes on a pillar next to a security guard. Because you can't take anything on the rolercoasters I hided my bag under my T-shirt. You see! X-ray rentgen didn't scan anything. Now we can enter all atractions. Where do they sell seeds for this tree? The final fight of Italo Western. After visiting this Land we were tired like after a 120 km heavy loaded tour. Last night: Lake Garda. Aleks's thougts: 1. Gardaland, 2. Down hill from mountain pass 3. Sleeping in »tree« house. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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