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kolesarja popotnika 780 km
June~July 2020 : 9 days
<b>Živjo</b>. Just a minute so we can drink in peace. We started this years tour basically from home, the capital of Slovenia. Soon the real hills began. We planned to ride around Switzerland for this years tour but we decided for the <i>2nd Switzerland</i>* because of the Coronavirus. *Before Slovenia left Yugoslavia we talked that we could as an independent country be the 2nd Switzerland. We have been traveling with bikes mostly abroad in the last 10 years. So we can’t wait to find out how it is to travel in our own country? We imagine this steep ascent to be hotter. We were also expecting a more dry view on the most often a calendar-published church. <b>Jamnik</b> (831 m). With bikes you can visit known sites and discover unknown places. Just like this new camp before <b>Bled</b> where we slept. We observed <b>Lake Bled</b> from a higher level. We spirally circled Slovenia. We left the NE part to the next Corona wave. What can you do? <b>Jesenice</b>. I’m wondering at what are the girls looking? At a note, a love message or a photo of a cool classmate? Oops? Did the 2nd Corona Turist wave already cross the Slovenia/Austria border? Aha! Now we know why everybody was running away in the previous photo. Where are all the cyclists that have been waiting in lines all spring in front of bike shops? Our dog as a better-looking butt, the ibex in the background isn’t so sexy. What does Grandma’s kitchen offer today? <b>Russian Chapel</b> is dedicated to Russian soldiers, that were buried an avalanche during the construction of the road across the Vršič pass in 1916. If the First World War had lasted a year or longer, they would have carved another pass across the Julian Alps. When dad pulled out the last trump card out of his bag: an energy drink, ... ... overtook we German, Czech and Austrian motorcyclists. We slept at Mija’s, who many years ago moved from the capital to the beautiful <b>Trenta</b> valey, but also one of the most remote areas of Slovenia. Our international buffet breakfast. We have to pack everything here every morning and transport it around all day. More than 58 % of the whole country is covered with forests and they are still growing. Narrow riverbed of the smaragd <b>Soča</b> river. Water activity enthusiasts will really enjoy the unspoiled and barely populated environment. Magnificent waterfall <b>Boka</b>. We couldn’t figure out why everyone was so happy? From our 780 km long route, there was only max. 80 km of true cycling path, including all bike paths in the cities. This lake is called: <b>Lake near the Bridge on Soča river</b>. The boy was barely standing on all fours, but the girl was going around on her head. Accommodation with local breakfast was paid by the state. This year the state gave each citizen of Slovenia a 200 € voucher, which can be redeemed at a bed and breakfast. We are overtaken and recognized by cyclist Damijan, with whom we have been cooperating for more than 20 years, but we have never met each other before. <b>Miren</b> near Nova Gorica. Since the Slovenia/Italy border was drawn in Paris after World War II, after death dual citizenships were granted for 30 years. We waited in the hot sun for 20 minutes so the castle would light up. Later, after reviewing the pictures, we saw that the best one was the one from the first minute. The <b>Lipica</b> stud farm is the original, the oldest European stud farm (1578), which continuously breeds the same and the oldest cultural breed of horses. Lipizzaner. We traveled a short part of the route through <b>Italy</b>, and a few days later through <b>Croatia</b>, thus turning this national tour into an international one. In the evening we almost had to climb the <b>Črni kal</b> fort with our bikes. It was worth it! Panorama of <b>Koper</b> & the <b>Gulf of Trieste</b>/<b>Adriatic Sea</b>. Tired from the night trip, we returned to the hostel <b>Ocizla</b> after midnight. Careful instruction from the owner awaited us. Thanks! Most Slovenians speak English very well, especially the younger generations. However, you will find out more from the older generations, but they don’t speak English as well. Above <b>Škocjan Cave</b>. The sketch of two possible access points to the lookout point misled the leader of the tour. So we carried our heavy bikes up the steep countless stairs. The other access point was only a 150 m long laid down slope. We only realized this when we rode down. We are comming to <b>Pivka</b> in peace: No wonder NATO is asking Slovenia to buy some more modern weaponry. And a helmet for the cyclist. We don’t have a special fetish for visiting cemeteries. But at least there is flowing water. If it is (not)drinkable, you will find out later. The only accommodation in the bear area was full. So we slept in an abandoned forest bar. We didn’t redeem the tourist voucher this time. On the descent from <b>Snežnik plateau</b>, on a opaque turn of a forest road we almost ran into a bear with a teddy bear cub. We watched each other in surprise for 10, 15 sec. The mama bear stood on her back paws. We went our ways amicably, but we forgot the group selfie. <i>Slovenian Siberia</i>, where freezing temperatures of -34° C were measured twice, it lies only at 761 AMSL and is only 36 km away from the sea. Unknown places with beautiful scenery. The river <b>Kolpa</b> valley is clear and refreshing for cycling. Unfortunately, we drove kilometers and kilometers along the anti~economic~refugee barriers. I really don’t know why refuges that are going forward to the west don’t stay in our country. Is it not peaceful enough? <b>Bela Krajina</b> region. Slovenia is quite ideal for cycling trips. When the restaurants are open, you also get a hot meal all day, which is not common in western countries. <b>Krka</b> river. There are too many shops, especially in larger towns. And more and more new shops are opening up. Cycling signposts in our country are often unsystematic and disappear at key points. View from a mobile bike. Simultaneously in the same position ~ 2 different weathers. For 5 days apart towns ~ (almost) identical names. We ran out of €€€. Don't expect everything to be ridiculously cheap here. Traveling by bike just looks cheap. We spend 80-100 € a day, mostly sleeping »on the floor«. Now we ran out of energy. A worrying morning discussion before the last wet stage. Many roads are too narrow. Most drivers are quite polite, but driving along the edge of a busy road is never relaxing. Bike paths in cities are mostly well maintained, however we have enough for now and ... ... and we made an express return to reality with the Slovenian shinkansen. We really don't regret that we chose the <i>2nd Switzerland</i> for this year's grand tour. Next year is the 1st Switzerland.

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