Austria | Carinthia

Lake Millstatt ~ Ossiach ~ Wörth ~ Faak

kolesarja popotnika 221 km
August 2019 : 3 days
<strong>Good mohrning</strong> from the city that is ideal for cycling trips in different directions of Carinthia. Who wants to have super mega cool in the next 3 days? In 10 years we have ridden this part of the Drava cycling path many times and we feel like at home here. We didn't use any maps on this 6-lake tour. We come with love ... ... and ride in peace. In Spittal we didn't know which photo to use so we posted every photo in an animation. Who will remember this complicated time table and all the complex rules? They put all sorts of greenery on their roofs. The warmest swimming lake in Carinthia. We were testing how resistant are we to boiling water for 1 hour. While the crowded spectators were waiting for the firework show ... ... we were watching alone (+the owner) from the <strong>WARNING PRIVATE PROPERTY!</strong> garden and experienced the most beautiful firework show - ever. This public bathroom is for adults. How crazy does the kids bathroom look? It looks like a normal campsite plot but you can turn it in any direction you want. I think it is time that we buy a drone. For 40% of tourists cycling is the main motive fot spending the holidays in Carinthia. (source: ORF Kärnten, 4.6.2019) Is the bird not scared of the scary telephoto? We used the wrong lens for this chick. Landskron Castle: Eagle arena and the monkey mountain experience. The flier didn't want to land, but the instructor was late for lunch. Carinthia is great for one day trips and several days long trips. We believe that Carinthians will build the missing cycling path. On our normal traveling tours we usually make up to 100 km per day. This time we really enjoyed the short 70 km per day. ... when you drive very close to the lake for a few meters. Most of the shore is for richer people. Water is for everyone ~ this time only for us ~ and its time for swimming. Now (free) WiFi is not that important because mobile data is included in the monthly plan in EU roaming. To use all the avalible mobile data we would have to spend a couple of weeks abroad. Because we changed our plans for the afternoon because we rescheduled the obligatory tourist sightseeing to <em>Klagenfurt at night</em>. <strong>Maria Wörth.</strong> If anyone wants to cycle around the Lake Wörth they should do it in the clockwise direction. It offers a beautiful view. Castle <strong>Velden</strong>: 5* hotel. The price at this time is 592-2.092€/1 person/night. It is cheaper for two people. Aaa!? Good thing that they told this to us at the reception. <strong>Faak</strong>. If we want to go around the lake with the Pershing you will have to put the boat in a higher gear. The Minister of Football warns: Too much alcohol damages the green lawn! At the end we rode up and down the bridge many times to get the perfect photo without any cars and people. The last photo is a success and the tour as well. We are finishing this short but one of our favorite tours up to now.

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