Venetian Lagoon

Venice - Isola

kolesar popotnik 370 km
| Robert | SLO |
June 2012 : 3 days

Ciao! This time I rode along northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The streets of Venice are still flooded, so I to started the tour from the drier streets of the town Mestre. Mestre > Chioggia > island Pellestrina > island Lido > Punta Sabbioni > Lido di Iesolo > Lignano > Monfalcone > Trieste > Koper > Izola. Venice is an island. Mestre is its suburb on the mainland. Venice and Mestre are connected by a railway and road bridge. From Mestre I headed south of the Lagoon. I didn’t know where exactly to go so I followed my instincts. I had the maps printed from Google Maps. This track only appears at maximum zoom. All roads lead to Rome anyway. If I went straight down this road I would probably come to The Eternal City. Villa for sale. It only needs a little bit renovation. The current owner kept it well refreshed. Along countless (straight) canals around the Venetian Lagoon. Against the wind. When you suddenly drive to the highway entrance, the carefree cycling ends. Who are frontiers? Is it allowed only for veterans of the 2nd, or even the 1st WW? ... frontiers means »property owners«. In the background is Chioggia - a small fishing town. Chioggia is located in the southern part of the Venetian Lagoon, 47 km from Mestre (Venice). I also stumble into narrow streets like this. I found out that only locals were on the boat with forensic observation: I was the only one with a camera. I ride towards the island of Pellestrina, which together with the island of Lido separates the lagoon from the open sea. The island of Pellestrina seemed uninhabited to me at 5 PM: but 4000 inhabitants live on 10 km long and 100 m wide island. By building huge structures – flood barriers, they want to protect cities from tide. They look hideous. I bow to whoever made this map. I rested while reading in my own language. The island is so narrow you don’t even need a map. In Italy, a ticket only becomes valid when you electronically swipe it. The same applies for train and bus tickets. Boarding the ferry towards the next island. The inspector checked to see if I had a valid ticket. I wasn’t riding on ferries all day. The drive between the islands took only a few minutes. I'm already waiting for the next »bus« at the station. I just caught the last one, otherwise I would have to sleep on the island and buy a new ticket the next day. This is what Venetian buses look like. The road looks quite wavy. I have a nautical map with me so that I can at least see what strait I am driving on. Venice backstage. The road no longer shakes under my feet, but I’m  spinning my pedals again. Punta Sabbioni. I caught the luxury cruise ship at the last moment. On a lonely shore. At 5:45 in the morning. It’s no longer lonely. There are 4000 tourists and 1200 crew members arriving. The peninsula east of Venice is not urbanized (yet). A relaxing holiday could be spent in the pine forests. I returned from the shore into my mobile house and fell asleep at 10 AM. The 3-person tent is only 2.4 kg, which is important for my way of traveling. My comfortable bed is 5 cm thick. Topogandromium. Lido di Iesolo: Pizzeria next to a pizzeria. Hotel near at Albergo. Sun umbrellas next to lounger. 15 km. I do not recommend for those like me. For those who rate the country (only) by beer, the price is in the middle of the price list. Look, look! Laura is being photographed for the Pirelli Calendar 2013. Laura's mother was not happy with the photos. She demanded a change of the scene. Run! The furious owner of the Aventador (in the red T-shirt) is returning from shopping. They are building another hideous building. The only jumbo poster I saw on the way to the Slovenian border indicates that it is a hotel. What else? All that is missing is the frying noise from a nearby fast food restaurant and August 1st. The idyll is perfect. Relax. But I have to admit that it is quite well kept. In the background a crumbling Night club hotel. The »night dancers« now prefer to stay on the field e.g. highway exits. 982nd pizzeria. I didn’t see any spaghetti restaurants. And everyone eats pizza. And again pizza the next day. In addition to the Italian, the most beautiful flag is Slovenian. The coat of arms is not in the right proportions, but let's forget the protocol details. In Slovenia we can only dream about roads like this. Photographed on the outskirts of tourist apartments. Numerous canals and rivers. If you choose the wrong road, you quickly do a few 10 km for nothing. Infinitely long straight road. And then nothing. Straight road again. A few houses, no people. Sometimes trying. If there are no people, who took the photo? And where is the photographer standing? The photographer is in the mirror, just take a good look. Lignano by night. Before that I stopped a camper van from Slovenia. I met 2 confused travelers: Aleksander and Alenka. I slept on the cape of a 4* camp. Too bad I couldn't enjoy all of the included services because I didn’t have enough time. When you are laying on a lounger, you no longer feel the uniformity matrix. There is a huge amount of space around and no one is jumping over you. 3-lane access road on Sunday morning. I waited for quite some time to (safely) cross the road. The tourist season has begun. Traffic jams occur even on local roads. Even on roads banned from all traffic, the »GPS« pointed the tourists towards the coast. It doesn't mean what you think it does. New communal band => New municipal brass band. Oops! The seventh time’s the charm. Nope, camera sync failed again. Next time I have to get a remote. I succeeded on the 9th attempt. Selfie procedure: I press the 10 second delay buttonn, run to the bike, ride and take a picture. Synergy of classic factory and ... ... opposite of it is a modern forest. 1st God's gift, at 33 °C. 2nd God's gift. In the back, the gift was even nicer. Look ahead. The waiters always ask me if I really want Tee Caldo. In contrast to English-cold, German-kalt, but in Italian caldo means warm or hot. I don't speak the language so well (yet) that I could explain to them that it's better for the stomach ... I descend towards the Gulf of Trieste. The heat wave attracted a lot of vehicles, even with Slovenian number plates. Some vehicles are also parked in tunnels. 3rd God's gift: running, cold and drinking water. Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia, Trieste. It is a good thing that I only had to descent. Even though that I still had to ascent before that. You can’t feel the slope on the picture. I chose the third option. The one where Italians don't need a Slovenian road vignette. Across Plavje and Zgornje Škofije. Beautiful Slovenian border. They could place at least some stands for tourist brochures. Or they break the shed. The end of cycling path? Well, it just started 20 meters ago. Koper. You shouldn’t drive on the promenade. I committed an offense - only exceptionally. I admit it and (don't) regret it. At 8 PM, rested arrival to Izola. Then I drank one cold beer, no ?! One Tee Caldo please. At the end of the tour a calculation of the 3-day bill sheet.

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