Lake Balaton

Touring Bicycle 244 km
| Robert | SLO |
September 2016 : 3 days

<strong>Üdvözöljük Magyarországon!</strong> What I can experience today I don't leave for the future. That's why I took advantage of this years season and went to cycle around Lake Balaton. Alone. I drove from Slovenia to the start point with my car. There is a paved and well-marked cycling path all around the lake. I was very impressed and surprised by the well maintaned tourist towns. Hungary is not a flat country. On this <em>flat</em> tour I made 570 m of up and downs. The strong wind and big waves indicated a change. Even though I cycled around the lake I slept in the same town two times (marked with a tent on the map). This was possible with a ferry that moved me to the other side of the lake and the next morning back. The lake doesn' have a natural runoff. On hot summer days millions cubic meters of water evaporate. Balaton is the biggest lake in middle Europe. Its also known as the Balaton Sea. I got under a roof of an old abandoned cottage in time before it started to rain. Roots make the path wavy. An academic example of milling asphalt. I wouldn't travel even a 100 m with sleeping bags on my back. The lake is shallow, with an average depth of 3 meters. In the summer it can heat up 30° C. I gave the swan some cookies. In exchange he posed for a long time. Some play Monopoly with real hotels. To the cycling toll station. Pay toll! Take a closer look at this romantic destination. This campsite reminds me of mosquito jungle camps. Sorry Robi, but this is kitsch. Bridge of love. When there will be too many locks, they will have to close it because of safety. I have some camping experience so I know where to place the tent in case of rain. The fisherman caught enough fish that I could eat spiced fish broth for dinner. Even though it was the middle of September the towns near the lake were pretty lonely. Good for me because the paths are full of cyclists and hikers in the summer. Hungarian for dummies. See? It isn't that hard. I have seen this sign many times and I remembered it. After an intesive language lesson, we talked with the owner from Tartar to Slovenia. When I thought I understood everything. Here I started to stutter again. You can talk with natives here apart from German, also in Hungarian. Sign makers in Hungary get paid a lot especially if they are paid per meter. SL class with S class girls. Luxurious Baroque Palace in Keszthely. So much talk about the lake that I forgot to feel the water. I will be back soon. Üdvözlet a Balatonról! Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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