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Salzburg - Ljubljana

Touring Bicycle 379 km
| Robert | SLO |
September 2013 : 3 days

I made a quick decision this year to cycle along the 1st part of the Alpe Adria cycling path. The route passes through High Tauern, Carinthia and continues to the Adriatic Sea but I turned my bike towards home in Tarvisio. For 7 hours I tested my waterproof bike equipment and also my patience. Castle that you can see from the highway to Salzburg. If I saw the poster earlier I would have stayed in Salzburg. And the ladies would have kept me warm. The diamond that punctured my inner tube 3 times in a row in 70 km. I cycled for a few kilometers on foot to the hotel. Fortunately, the village had 4 shops, one of which was a sports shop. I fixed my bike in the hotels garage. The waitress was not at work in the morning (she fell asleep), so breakfast was served to me by the »waiter no here« maid. The pear juice and green tea gave me enough energy for the ascent. That is a big puddle. Grandpa was suspiciously swinging on the ladder, so I waited for a while if he fell up. On the whole tour I only used my map a couple of kilometers before Upper Carnolia in Slovenia. Remote place where I would never drive my car. I don’t know what to put here. <i>Achtung-Achtung!</i> This is the tunnel supervisor speaking. Please leave the tunnel immediately. Intersection of multigenerational paths. The wind at my back didn't help me much going uphill either. Proof that radars are always wrong. Ten and more floor buildings in Bad Gastein are artfully carved into the valley. If you hear the river, it means that the roads will be steep accordingly. Somebody had too much time again. I didn’t take that many pictures on this tour but when I did I took 2 at the same time. Chatty motorcyclists from Frankfurt. After 50 km we met again (by chance) in a village. The cows crossed the road on their own. The farmer is nowhere to be seen. Austrians are making a real business from cycling trips. Restaurants, hotels, railways all get profit. The paths were lonely all the time. I also didn’t meet any cute cyclists. I wasn't just driving on highways. I read somewhere that paths in Carinthia aren't well marked. That is wrong because these signposts are everywhere. Well, well, well what are you two doing here so early in the morning? And you could go to the hairdresser. A quick trip to Tarvisio. While going uphill I took a picture of 2 recumbent cyclists. It’s very easy for them because they lay all the time. Abandoned railways are amazing. Even if they go uphill, they are never too steep. A quick trip to the Radovna Valley. Ej! The castle doesn't look so great from this side. And give me a Bled cream cake! I have a choice: an additional 20 km or … it is obvious which I chose. I returned home at 9 PM. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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