Alpe Adria Cycling Path [Slovenia ~ Italia]

Kranjska Gora - Grado - Sežana

2 Touring Bicycles 296 km
| Robert | Aleks | SLO |
June 2013 : 4 days

At the start of summer break we cycled from Kranjska Gora ... … to Friuli Venezia Giulia and to the Adriatic Sea and Sežana. Benvenuti bella Italia! We had lunch only after a few pedals. The cycling path begins in Salzburg (Austria). We connected to it in Treviso (Italy), from where the very attractive route continues. The pavior mixed up the concrete blocks when paving. And I thought that Aleks was no longer interested in playgrounds. One of the few lit up tunnels. In others you drive in complete darkness four more than 100 m if you don’t have a light. <i>Splash</i>. Is the storm chasing us or are we chasing the clear weather? ... we hid in a parking garage at the last moment. When we rode out of the endless tunnel, it was sunny again. Hay cyclists ... … pinky and tired cyclists. When even the most persistent give up. The hill was very steep and the bike very heavy. I'm gonna ride my bike into the distance. We rode through many tunnels. This one was unavoidable. Imagine living in this town with the highway this close. The blue cyclist is catching up to the group. We slept in the oldest camp in Italy (1958). The equipment is still the same, just the trees are higher. We fueled up and rode onwards. You can’t hear the soothing singing of the church choir from a nearby church. Thankfully the grandmas were quiet. Big pile of garbage. A little earlier Aleks couldn’t continue anymore. On the playground he was full of energy again. Through the center of Udine. The younger participant was assigned the important function of a navigator. Outside Palmanova. What now? We found one of the three entrances leading into the city. While the others were waiting for a free table we asked the waiter if we could sit at a table with a better view. The friendly hotel staff spoke perfect Italian so there were no problems communicating. The next day, <i>Granda Piazza</i> turned into a large market. Why did they build a star shaped city in the 16th century if they didn’t have aerial view yet? The path is well marked. However, you still must be careful not to miss any narrow paths. The path winds through different landscapes and towns, so that there is something interesting for everyone. A little bike for high speeds and long distances (photographed from a speedy bike). Fuel is expensive, so we avoided this gas station. Approximate translation: if you eat 10 pizzas you get 2 free. This one was built in Aquileia 2000 years ago, but to us it seemed like it was built yesterday. We are riding towards the island and town Grado. The attractive island is connected to the mainland by a 5 km long embankment. We recommend it! For other <i>Alpe Adria</i> cyclists, the route ends here. Along the way, I taught Alex a few Italian words. He immediately found new friends on the playground. Infinite sand box, where skier Tina Maze trained when there was no snow. The tornado was in the right place at the right time. Across the sea on the left we »spotted« Piran Bay (Slovenia), which is only about 22 km away (if you swim there). Kitesurfing acrobatics. Long morning packing. And we thought it was low tide in the evening. In Dutch, SPAR means fir (see the symbol). Acronym DESPAR: <i>Everyone works better together.</i> Bird watching through a telescope. Shhh! We are leaving the contaminated area and entering a traffic area. From the top of the incline between Monfalcone and Trieste, a beautiful view of the island of Grado and the entire Gulf of Trieste. We have a smile on our face while going downhill. When we arrived at Oberdan Square, we stopped smiling. We found out that the tram does not drive to Opicina this month. This meant that we had to go uphill for an additional 8 km. And Alek’s tire went flat in Trieste. 300 m of altitude difference is below us. We are smiling again. We finished the cycling tour in Sežana. Since we missed the train, we went home by car . Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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