Czech Republic • Prague

Lipno Lake ~ Moldau ~ Elbe

traveler bikers 510 km
June 2018 : 6+2 days
<strong>Ahoj!</strong> We started our tour on top of the big wooden lookout tower on a 900 m high plateau in Lipno on the south of Czech Republic. We shortened our trip to the valey by a slide. We knew that we are going to Czechia 1 year before. We have to thank Fred from Germany for recomending this country. Maps with infos about overnight stays are usualy collected a few months earlier. This time, we waited and had with ourselves what we managed to find in the last days. 8 day travel plan: From the [P] point of departure, we drove to there from Slovenia by car, and continued by the Moldau river via Prague by bikes. We had the intention of traveling a good part along the Elbe River, but we soon realized that due to many hills, we would not be able to cycle as much as we planned. Look, you can travel here easily if you understand our mother language: slovene. The largest Czech (artificial) lake, damed in 1960 with the aim of regulating the flow of Moldau and electricity production. End of June: 10° C plus or minus cold north wind. Composer Bedřich Smetana devoted Moldau river to one of the six symphonic compositions describing the river flow across the Czech country. If you lift 100 € worth of Czech korunas at the ATM, you save up to 8 € in comparison with the exchange office. Loaded with korunas, cycling towards new adventures. A lot of tree avenues cool you down in hot summer days. But we were looking for the sun. The next bubbly foto session: stewardesses, pilot and medieval high society. The 2nd largest castle in the Czech Rep. The city got its name by the winding river around the castle (german: krumm: tilted). The old part of town is under UNESCO protection. Who is interested in history, the middle ages and castles, is in the right location. Although the bird has a huge cage, it can still not fly freely. It rained all the time around us, but we were mostly dry. We slept on the bank of the fish pond. No wonder it wants to rain all the time if there is a nuclear plant making all these clouds. Your are not gonna get much rest if there is nettle under your butt. This is much better. We were shocked. The roads were mostly smooth, without holes and trafic. »Dad, I'm hungry!« »Do we pick these herbs and cook a soup?« I'm gonna rather use my GPS google gadget that recomends the closest, but still not very close restaurants. When we were hungry and desperate we found a small shop where the saleswoman sales things like in the old times. Aleks recomends that next time we take a portable stove, and I did to take a cook. On the whole tour, we mistakenly turned only 1 time, but gladly we found out good kilometer after that. Occasionally we helped ourselves with GPS. Making photos, selfies and pozing are a part of the tour. The landscape is allways very similar. Is it going to rain or not? It rained, but we managed to set up our tent just in time. We choose possible night places 10 km before on the internet. Hey, look! Todays lunch. »Aleks! Don't feed the ducks and swans with our food. What if there won't be any shops or restaurants?« When there was no bridge we crossed the water with a boat. Preparing for high altitude. Petřín Lookout Tower, built in 1891. It's 63,5 m high, has 299 steps and a claustrophobic lift. 360° view on the city with 1,2 milion inhabitance. In front of the Franz Kafka museum. You can send them a SMS and they will write the message with peeing in the Czech-shaped water. The narrowest street in Prague (50 cm) and one of the narrowest in the world. After a couple days of riding and there is finaly an open restaurant. Of course in Prague. Fine eating. Every intersection is well marked. Sometimes even too well. There is a lot of cyclce paths along rivers with resting places. Garbage is nowhere to be seen. We liked the the construction graphics. Only at home we realised that we are driving away from the camera on all pictures. We slept in the space capsule barrel. We traveled a part of the tour along the river Elbe that joins Moldau in Melnik. It then flows towards Hamburg and into North Sea. The only cyclists we have seen on the whole tour. Or we just haven seen anyone else? How is it to travel with a group this big? We came back to Prague 3 times. The centre is not good for cyclists. A lot of the roads are paved with stone and there a too much tourists. The sculptor was in the middle of a incredible performance when street repairman wanted to fix the sidewalk. How did she bring the heavy piano with herself? Well it stands here all the time and anyone can play for a few minutes of fame. The Prague train station and Czech trains are modern. Their web pages are very user friendly. Everything in 3 languages. We traveled on a »cowboy« train. The security was guarding these happy schoolboys and scouts on a trip. Aleks spent the last korunas on the »bobovka«. He melted Czech coins into ice(cream). We begun our tour by Lipno Lake and we are also slowly finishing it here. The car waited for us patiently by the lake. We put the bikes on the car and drove home for about 5 hours. Our impression: something »Czech«, isn't bad (like it used to mean), but rather good. »Na shledanou« Česko.

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