South Tyrol ~ Lake Garda ~ Venice

Touring Bicycle 495 km
| Robert | SLO |
September 2015 : 4 days

Starting point of the tour - San Candido in Italy: the remote area where Slovenians lived a long time ago. Hayracks have been preserved. Near the source of Drava river, that flows towards the east, but I drove towards the west and down to Lake Garda. 1256 AMSL. The surrounding hills were snowy. Fresh. The wind - of course - in the face. Medieval Schengen border crossing. The 64 km long Brenner Base Tunnel, the longest in the world, is being dug nearby. It was supposed to be opened in 2026. Although South Tyrol sounds »Austrian«, it is located entirely in Italy. All captions are in 2 languages. During the morning ritual, I also took a fast course in 3 languages. Bolzano: The Archaeological Museum houses the 5400 year-old human mummy: Ötzi (not the DJ). The mummy was found on September 19th 1991 in a glacier (Ötztal Alps) near the border with Austria. The mummy was allegedly found by a German tourist, but Slovenian climber Magdalena Mohar Jarc claims that she found it. 100 and more km long uninterrupted cycle path along the river Adige. Will we ever get to experience something like this in Slovenia as well? If you don’t understand, you will stay thirsty. Which photographer takes such outstanding photos? I don't have to rush for selfies anymore, because this time I bought a remote control that fires up to 100 m away. Workers are greeted every morning when they come to work by the receptionist with assistant. Asphalt with strange granulate. Since I started working for the Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association, I look at roads from a different perspective. Lake Garda is not just an amusement park. It’s also a popular tourist destination. It has a very mild submediterranean climate. The bike path is literally carved into the wall. They advertise it as one of the most beautiful in the world. The trail is certainly not the most beautiful, but the dizzying views over the precipices are really fantastic. In the background: Riva del Garda. Night descent to the coast where I slept. Although it was the end of September, most of the accommodations were still occupied. I swapped the dark tent cords I had stumbled over for more visible ones, but they are still not visible enough when it’s dark. Bond, James Bond, drove on this Gardesana and through the narrow tunnels in the film Quantum of Solace (2008). The name of this town is very sour: Limone (Lemons). The residents of Limone carry the longevity gene, which has been passed down generations for centuries. Aaa! This is the circus our people buy fruit. And it’s sold at Slovenian markets as »Made in Goriška Brda«. What river flows on the bridge? Or does this one flow towards Gardaland. One arrow is for pilgrims, another for cyclists, a third for refugees, a fourth for ...? A place of the tragic love between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Oof! But what do drivers on this 12-lane highway do in the event of an accident? Because all of the homeless people went home over the weekend, I was able to sleep in peace in the Vicenza city park. Ok, ok! I will modernize the navigation next time. I will replace the B&W prints with colorized maps. The route between Verona and Venice could also be skipped and I would have spend more time by the beautiful Lake Garda. Mestre (Venice). The tour was almost finished. I only had to get home. By train to Trieste, then by tram to Opicina, by bike towards the strong wind to Sežana and by train to Ljubljana: 5 hours. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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