Italy | San Marino

Venice ~ Rimini

2 Touring Bicycles 377 km
| Robert | Aleks | SLO |
June 2016 : 6 days

<strong>Benvenuti</strong> a bordo! With Aleks on the left and Robert on the right. Il capitano cane accompanied us between the Venetian Lagoon, and <em>biciclette</em> on the islands. And a look at our boat from the sea. From Mestre over the islands of Venice, Lido, Pellestrina and Chioggia along the Adriatic Sea, San Marino to Rimini. Andiamo! Dad speed up. The river Po delta contains a big area with not many roads and villages, but with many lakes, swamps and flows. The animals have peace here. And so do we. You can see how this situation on the map, on the next picture. Only a couple meters wide embankments. If we didn’t have precise maps we could easily get lost. The roads aren’t marked. Sometimes I don’t know if the short line on the map is actually a bridge? You can’t get lost on the 10 km completely straight line, but you can give up. If the sign wasn’t there, we wouldn’t even notice that we crossed from the upper half of the hemisphere to the lower half. Mans toilet on the right, womens toilet left in the bush. I guess that there isn’t as much industry poisonous pollution going into the sea as there used to be. Infinite fields and infinitely tired travellers. When the river rises all the boats get stuck under the bridge. We weren’t expecting the roads to turn into very narrow pathways. Morning meditations for an easier 2 hour compressed packing. The map says that there is a path on the other side of the busy road, but its closed. <em>Proprietà privata!</em> Dear Mr. Ticket machine! Stop asking me for the vouchers and coupons just give me the ferry tickets already. For my traveling companion I prefer only my son Aleks. He isn’t complicated and doesn’t complain and for his age very persistent. For a thief it would be easier to steal the wooden pole than our bikes locked with 3 locks. Relaxing on a cold perfect beach after a long hot day. Turn 20° to the right it’s not so perfect anymore. Buon giorno. Due panini per favore. On the 4th day we took an exciting day off … in Mirabilandia. Ask Aleks what was his favourite thing on the whole 6-day tour? His answer: 1. iSpeed, 2. iSpeed, 3. iSpeed, 4. Katun roller coaster, 5. Oil tower-free fall. And what did Robi like the most on the 377 km long tour? Robi’s answer: 1. iSpeed, 2. iSpeed, 3. iSpeed, 4. Katun roller coaster, 5. HotWheels stuntman carshow. By the evening, we had rested enough at the amusement park to be able to move on. Only a few km away and it’s quiet again and no one in sight … … but iSpeed … it’s really awesome. Finally Aleks got the <em>fritto misto</em> without eggs, only with flour that he wanted for the past 250 km at the local chef. … and Robi got his <em>frutta fresca</em> from the pretty farmers. Despite the security camera not much was left of the racing car, but you could still sit in it. Lido di??? … and Lido di…??? Tourist towns follow each other continuously, kilometer after kilometer, all almost the same. Grand finale: ascent from 0 m above sea level to the 750 m steep on the Republic of San Marino hill. San Marino is the oldest country in the world. It was founded in 301. (source: In terms of area (61 km²) and population (32.800), it ranks among the smallest countries in the world. That’s why Formula 1 - the San Marino Grand Prix – was raced in Imola in Italy. In the evening we drove to the infamous Rimini, where we finished the cycling part of the tour. (source: In the end we ask both of the participants what was their favourite…? iSpeeeeed! 6th day: with train from Rimini to Mestre for lunch, and with bikes to the Marco Polo airport and departure home. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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