Austria ~ Germany ~ Switzerland

Rhine ~ Lake Constance

2 Touring Bicycles 328 km
| Robert | Aleks | SLO |
June 2015 : 5 days

We (Robi & Aleks) were cycling along Lake Constance and the Rhine river. We started pedalling on the eastern side of the lake in Austria. Lake Constance is the 3<sup>rd</sup> biggest lake in Central Europe. The coast is 273 km long. The lake is situated where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet. Over the bridge to Lindau Island. Fly ~ flew ~ flown. Friedrichshafen: the city of Ferdinand von Zeppelin. AaaAleks!!! Everything looks different from the pilots cabin. How do they even sell anything, if we only saw 2 billboards on the whole tour. Every town has multiple water wells so weren’t thirsty. We ordered a ferry to get to the other side. We turned of our bike computers, so the sailed weren’t included in the final distance. Afternoon cycling rush. Constance. CH: Bis denn fliest no vill Wasser de Rhy abè. = DE: Bis dahin fließt noch viel Wasser den Rhein hinunter. We were disappointed at the Basel train station. We won’t be complaining in Ljubljana where we will have to carry our bikes onto the Railway platform. The Rhine river source is in the Swiss alps. The rivers mouth is in the Netherlands into the North Sea. 1.238 km There is a well-maintained and well-marked cycle path along the entire river. There are usually even 2 paths: on both sides of the river. I try to make up for the missed daily father role in a concentrated form. The thieves stole practically everything from the bikes. Only the skeletons remained. There are also a few hydro plants on the Rhine. We took a closer look at one of them. We ate at a village fete. When even the most persistent give up. But when the cycling path transformed into a wavier one he was full of energy again. Where will we be sleeping tonight? On the floor – again. <i>Guten Morgen!</i> New adventures are waiting for us. This year we thought of a carpet in front of the entrance as an additional luxury. It’s not exactly a swimming resort, but it’s better than nothing. I’m wondering how much this picture will cost us in CHF. Some travel in old classic cars, others on luxurious travel bikes. We were crossing borders every few km. Sometimes we were riding in Switzerland then after a few km in Germany. Sometimes we forgot in what country we were riding in. But when we paid the bills, we instantly figured out which country we were in. (1 CHF = 0.96 €) Most of the routes are suitable and safe for younger participants. Mountain bikers, roller skaters, hikers have their own signposts and different routes. Now try not to get lost. Mandatory sightseeing in Switzerland: Rhine Falls | Rheinfall. You get to the island in the middle of the waterfalls by boat. A few meters lower, my classmate Boris swam the river to the other side and back a few years ago. Aleks asked me: does nobody litter in Switzerland? Are garbage collectors cleaning all day and night to keep it so clean? The tour may look simple in these pictures, but we had to prepare and organize quite well. Aleks is an uncomplicated and very patient traveling companion. 80 km of cylcing each day can be hard even for an adult. On the way, we also visited the RM design Austria branch. Sorry Robert, you could make the letters a little smaller. There is a post stamp machine behind the corner… I had a pleasant user experience with it and we even talked for a while. We finished the tour in a restaurant where we ate 5 days ago. The waiter remember what we ate then. At the end, Aleks let the robotic arm shake him well. <b>Legoland</b> Germany. Lego Lucerne | Switzerland. Tour guide dad is exhausted. Lets go home! Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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