Parenzana Cycling Trail [SLO~CRO]

Črni Kal - Poreč - Strunjan

Touring Bicycle 225 km
June 2015 : 3 days

This time I went along the Parenzana - an abandoned Istrian railway line. The railway line ran from Trieste, through Portorož, Buje, Motovun to Poreč. I went back along the coast. Cycling mini roundabout in <b>Koper</b> and ... ... and - BTW – a little bigger hanging Hovenring in the Netherlands. (source: Parenzana was a 123 km long narrow-gauge railway line connecting 33 Istrian towns. The railway was opened in 1902. Every day the train whistled and creaked through the hilly, relief-like places of Istria. The railway was abandoned after 33 years of operation in 1935. In the beginning of the 21st century they began transforming it into a cycling and walking path. Today the trail is called »The Route of Health and Friendship«. It is very well marked, I almost didn’t have to look at the map. In some places it is very well maintained. The cyclist is refreshed. The grass is mowed. Elsewhere it isn’t that well maintained, with original sharp rocks on the surface. I recommend thicker and more resistant inner tube. When I was buying the equipment, I didn’t realize I was going to look so over styled. My brother collects funny dog warnings. I doubt he already has such a threatening one in his collection. 300 m above the Mirna valley. 1 hour later, 297 m bellow <b>Motovun</b>. At the top I had dinner with 2 cyclists from Zagreb and São Paulo. They continued their journey to the end of Montenegro. Every time I assemble my tent, I struggle to insert the poles properly. How would you do it in the dark, wind or rain? So next time I will mark the staples with the colors of the carrying rods. This could have been implemented by the manufacturer. The view, which I didn't see much of at night. There are very few shops and restaurants along the path. When it’s hot don’t forget to bring enough water. I recommend this path when the temperature does not exceed 28.7 ° C. I didn’t meet many cyclists. A modern and a little less modern highway. In <b>Poreč</b>, I didn’t finish with a train, but with a spectacular air show. I rode all the way back to Slovenia along the coast. Occasionally, the coastal promenade turns into an overgrown path. My black bike was only gray in the evening ... I could wash it in the sea. The next morning I rode on a nice grassy path. <b>Novigrad</b>. Of all the Istrian towns, I like it the most. Pleasant and just the right size. Give me a moment to look around pose for the camera. After that I can jump into the refreshment. You can predict the sunset accurate to the second but it’s hard to take a good picture of it. Completely new toilets. They look pretty stylish. I liked <b>Umag</b> the least of all the coastal towns. I prefer the areas north of the city ... The air distance from Poreč to Savudria is small. If you ride right next to all the bays the path extends 2 to 3 times. Golfers no longer haul equipment behind them as they have golf carts. Ugh! So she played even more attention. Not enough trees are planted today in cities, in parking lots and along walking and bike paths. Instead of trees, we prefer to install ugly billboards. Yesterday a bench, today just a backrest. Is it still unknown where the border will be? Across the middle or further up the hill? I have enough. I finished in <b>Strunjan</b>. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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