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Salzburg • Passau • Linz • Wels

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September 2018 : 5 days
<strong>Good morning.</strong> The DB train is going to take me from Slovenia to my starting point in Salzburg (Austria). I'm planing to cycle to the eastern part of Bavaria and Upper Austria. After a rainy start I arrived to the sunny Bavarian sea. »Good night sunshine«. Nana Mouskouri (Greek/German singer) usually sings this song in the morning. Good morning Deutschland. This day I drove 130 km over boring landscape. Thats why I took only this picture. This was the first time that a big camp was full in September. I slept like a VIP guest next to a golf course. Legaly! Election promises are the same everywhere. Mr. Garlic saved me. There were glass shards 10 cm after the poster. German words are put together from more words: Boots~umsetz~Wagen. Grandmas on E-bikes are overtaking me. They are driving uphill like they are driving a motor bike. I haven't met this many people that wanted to help me. When I stoped only for a moment there was always somebody wanting to help. Because I prepare for the tour I usually don't need any help. All the people wanting to help started to annoy. I started changing my maps secretly. Confluence of the rivers Inn, Danube and Ilz. In 2013 there was a big flood. The biggest in 500 years. The Danube loop: the river makes a lot of 180° degree turns. Even though I'm going slightly down hill I still have to pedal. So it doesn't matter even if you are going uphill. Homemade bike: Recumbent, tandem and electric bicycle. You steer the bike with a fighter plane gearstick. You can do it granpa! In the background there is a half raft half ferry that drives the Danube shores. Theres a lot to do in this area. Several pilgrimage , bike and footpaths. There is a shop or a restaurant missing. Why is there so many soldiers with big backpacks? Ohhh! I see why. I smell an (un)known crop. I couldn't decline a invite from Barbara and Horst to their home. I had a feeling like we knew eachother for a long time. Thank you very much! He can't be  Baywatch Hasselhoff because he is not wearing red swimming trunks. Finaly some actual hills. I slept right next to the lake and a very noisy road. I read the commic and then I take a shower.* I always take my bag with me. It is always with me like the US presidents nuclear football. Again a word made from 3 words: Hand~arbeits~Museum (Handmade Museum). Where am I going to eat? The deepest Austrian lake (-191 m) ... ... and the biggest Austrian lake. Know what? I'm getting tired of all these lakes. Every lake is more beautiful than the other. I found out that if the landscape is flat then the tour is boring, but if there are hills it's more attractive. I always promise myself that this is the last time I ride that many km. I'll see how long this is going to be true?This picture looks blurry. Take another one. Now you can see the castle clearly good. I can go home now.
I forgot to buy a souvenir - again. I bought a unoriginal Mozart ball in a gas station at home.

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