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Milano ~ St. Moritz ~ Innsbruck

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June 2018 : 5 days
<strong>Giorno.</strong> I begun the bike tour in the financial center of the tallest Italian building <em>Torre UniCredit</em> (231 m). I have been a designer of their bank in Slovenia. Sometimes we use the pictures of the building. Thats why I wanted to see it live. These are residential towers <em>Bosco Verticale</em> (110 m and 76 m high). The trees weren't planted by gardeners but »rock« climbers. Milano, a city with 1,3 milion people. I've imagined it a lot more chaotic but it was a lot more friendly and empty. The street that led me to the F1 racetrack in Monza. The downhill to the town Como was crazy. Cyclists overtook the cars from left and right side. Even the inner side of roundabouts. Nobody obeyed the rules. Except me. Lake Como. It's the third biggest Italian lake. Lenght: 51 km. Because of the mediterranean climate here grow subtropical plants like palm trees, olives, lemons, ... My son Aleks lent me a sport camera so I can take pictures while moving. I just look in a direction and take a picture. While Trump is waiting in Singapur, you Kim Jong Un take selfies with fans. I have always liked Italy and also Italians. When they honk it doesn't sound that angry as drivers in Slovenia. Don't you see that nobody is looking at your Porsche. And go away from the ferry exit. George Clooney, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Donatella Versace have a residence by the lake. Look! <em>Kluni</em> is taking Amal to manicure. The 2nd of June is an Italian Republic Day holiday. Most of the stores are open but i couldn't find suitable slip-on shoes in any of the stores. Switzerland. I feel at home here. I was born in this country and I lived here afterall. I plan the tours at home so I don't have to think and ask for the route. I'm asking myself if I found the way if I didn't have 60 map pages with me. I have everything i need for a overnight stay: a tent, bed, grill (behind the table), a dining room, fountain with bath tub, ... ... and a charging station for my gadgets. I couldn't belive that these two kind Swiss women invited me to breakfast. Clearly Swiss people have changed. When you once beat the Stelvio Pass every other pass is eazy (Maloja Pass, 1.815 m). Switzerland would be go bancrupt if they sold just chocolates, cheese and army knives. They make money with banks, pharmaceutical/chemical, food and mechanical industry. Tourism only contributes a couple % of GDP but that contributes 32 billion € a year (2017). In Slovenia it does 1,3 billion €. The city was the 1st winter tourism centre in the whole world (from y. 1864). It has more than 300 sunny days per year and 350 km of ski trails. Many years ago I came with my parents to Palace because we were »interested« in a winter holiday. We sure made a good impression because they showed us the deluxe suite on top of the hotel. In old times people prayed before a meal. Nowadays they take pictures and upload it to social medias. Enjoy your meal for 29 CHF (25 €). Airport for rich members of the JetSet. I watched the match. I only realised they were girls when I was looking at the pictures. This is the price list in a local restaurant in a no name village. To get the price in € just subtract some CHF. Some meters of snow worked as freezers. Although the river should always go down, most of the road was uphill. And then down hill I press both brakes all the time. This is not for people scared of heaights. At 8 PM I achieved a 2.149 m high Ofen/Fuorn Pass with the last bits of power. Now I have enough of these lakes! If you don't like the lakes, you can ride or walk over another pass. This is the Reschen Pass (1.504 m). It borders between South Tyrol and Austria. What was made first: the lake or the bell? I found a phone on the road. After some time the owner showed up. 16 years ago I also found a phone not far from here. I also found the owner. Sometimes a fool turns the signpost in the wrong direction. I will learn the rules and obey them. My cycling shows that I'm a ideal Slovenian cyclist. On the gymnasium under the circumstances I couldn't meet Brigitte, she teaches English and German. We couldn't even meet last year. Why are you taking pictures of my bike? Don't you see the japanese model? In Innsbruck there are not many bike parking spots left. Bikes are locked on street poles and fences. In this city I finish my exausting but beautiful tour. On the train there are screens that show information in two languages. Even the side of the exit. On the Slovenian train there is nothing of that. But there is a personal approach: The conductor tels every passenger when he has to exit the train. He told me before Ljubljana.

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