Lunga Via delle Dolomiti

Cortina d'Ampezzo ~ Venice

Touring Bicycle 304 km
| Robert | SLO |
June 2016 : 3 days

<i>Selfie numero uno:</i> Welcome to the Lunga Via delle Dolomiti tour. The well-marked path starts in Munich in Germany. I connected to it somewhere in the middle. I faced my bike uphill the spring of the Drava in South Tyrol in Italy. To put it in school terms: I have crossed 5 climate zones: alpine, subalpine, winegrowing, lowland and coastal zone. Today I was the 105th cyclist on the path, but I haven't met many of them anyway. Tre Cime. 2999 AMSL. Only one of the three teeth showed up … and a mysterious lady. I am often asked if I am not bored because I travel alone? I travel alone, but not lonely. Even in the most remote areas I always meet some living (or dead) souls. Advantages of traveling alone: doing or not doing (almost everything) you want. Now a decline to 0 AMSL. The path takes place along the old railway line, which was built in the First World War but abandoned in 1964. The descent towards the luxury Cortina d'Ampezzo, which was in the ghost town at the time. The temperature is 10 °C. I saved money for glasses that darken in the sun and become completely transparent in the dark. A bench that makes your stay easier and packaging simpler than on wet ground. I returned from a deluxe dinner last night just before it started to rain and thunder. I remained waterproof. The old Olympic ski jump is falling apart, so the landing was used as a football field. Who took so many selfies? The RC remote that has very good range. Find me in the photo! Let’s say this selfie is good enough. This old but wide road has been replaced by a more modern highway. Only 2 cars drove past me in 1 hour. Even a loaded bike can be very fast - especially downhill. There was already barely any room for my wide and loaded bike, when a motocross rider came out of nowhere and … … and quickly also disappeared into this sinkhole, which sucked me in too. The lake is always windy, making it a perfect for surfers and kiters. Lake Santa Croce. At the restaurant I ordered what sounded delicious: <i>Galletto alla</i> ... Luckily it was a rooster, but unfortunately too large. On longer journeys, I prefer pear juice or water or <i>tee caldo</i>. I don't like isotonic and sport drinks. Treviso. I swapped blue cycling gloves for red ones. So now I'm really stylish. Quickly take another selfie! Over the bridge to Venice for an espresso for 20 EUR. Pigeons are still free (for now). <i>Selfie numero X.</i> I finished the wonderful tour at the Marco Polo Airport, from where I returned home. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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