Italy ~ Austria ~ Germany

San Candido ~ Brenner ~ Innsbruck ~ Munich

Touring Bicycle 400 km
| Robert | SLO |
June 2017 : 4 days

<strong>Greet you!</strong> Welcome to South Tyrol in Italy. I traveled to here from Slovenia by train. Terence Hill from serial <em>Un passo dal cielo</em> (Mountain Guard) every day solves a case of murder here. Let's get away from here ASAP. The path led me over pass Brenner to Tyrol, along river Inn, ascent on Achen Lake and to Bavaria capital. There is a lot of bikes to rent. You return it on the other side of the valley. In high season, there were many cyclists here that they had to close the tunnel. I have seen as much cyclists with bike bags in 1 hour as in Slovenia in the whole year. Does Chopin stil exist? Because I don't know when there will be an opportunity, I refresh my bottle and fill up my mind. A part of the tour leads along an old railway. There is still a traffic light in the background. We could do the same with our existing railway to Koper in Slovenia if we would make a second railway. I would buy this old train station. The environment is well treated only the station needs a refreshing. I barely made it to Brenner pass. 1.370 meters above sea level. I'm shocked! There is a big parking garage and a shopping center. Europe bridge. From 1963 to 1973 it was the biggest bridge (190 m) in Europe. It took 22 lives to build it. Ski jump Innsbruck. A masterpiece of the famous architect Zaha Hadid. Nobody died while building. Innsbruck - the capital of Tyrol. It was the Olympic city two times (1964 and 1976). A very nice city. It's just the right size and has everything that you would expect from a big city. The synergy of mountains and a pile of scrap. You can see that he has been traveling for a long time. A two-seater motorbike is hard to drive especially through turns. Parking spot of the famous <em>doctor Martin</em> from the <em>Bergdoktor</em> (Mountain doctor) series. He heals many strange diseases. So that's why there are that many churches here? I better go away if I don't want to get ill. Achen Lake. You are able to access the lake almost everywhere. That is very rare in Austria. I was expecting that the tour would be marked better. But I never got lost. I had BW maps with me. Cycling through a forest. It's very well maintained and you go downhill. I cycled to Germany. I took this picture from the Sylvensteinstausee dam. Sorry Robi but you are wearing the same jersey on every picture. You missed an opportunity on Brenner pass. The weather was perfect all the time for taking pictures and of course cycling. Bad Tölz. The cycling path leads along the river Isar. People were also swimming in that river. Espesaly on cycling tours I become friends with random people. And us cyclist have known each other from <em>always</em>. I ordered Bavarian food and of course beer that  not allowed to advertise. I was camping in front of the kindergarten because the children were on holidays. I have nothing to say about this picture but I uploaded it because I like it. The picture of a bike is actually a real bike hanged on the wall. Did the bride marry the dog? Because I haven't seen the groom. Olympiapark Munich. There is a spinning restaurant on top of the TV tower. There is the BMW headquarters building in the background. English Garden, one of the biggest parks in the world. Even tho I had a map of the park I got lost. For real! I was driving along the streets of Munich for about 3 hours and I really enjoyed it. When Oktoberfest takes place here it is full to the brim. Going home with a box-shaped train behind this. I made exactly 400 km. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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