Mur cycling path [Austria ~ Slovenia]

Tamsweg - Graz - Maribor

2 Touring Bicycles 320 km
| Robert | Aleks | SLO |
June 2014 : 5 days

<b>Servus!</b> ALEKS (10 years old) and ROBI (also young). We invite you on a tour along the Mur river in Austria. We were rumbled to the start in Tauern by a narrow-gauge wagon box. The track gauge is only 76 cm. Cycling route along the Mura in Austria. At Šentilj, where we turned towards Maribor, the path continues towards Gornja Radgona. Although we descended from an altitude of 1000 m, we also ascended 2344 m of hills on the tour. We mostly rode on empty side roads or well-kept cycling paths. Dramatic weather situation, but we remained dry in the driest valley in Austria. Aleks trained 4 times a week at the cross-country ski club. On the tour, his frequent workouts paid off. Couldn’t you play a month later? Due to (rare) more busy sections and (frequent) hills, we don’t recommend the entire tour for younger participants. Many individual sections are closed for motorized vehicles. We also recommended it to children. You can find a lot of scrap here for the flea market. You can even donate to the owner for looking. But where are all the playground if the only thing they make are these fancy bridges? I was already thinking of rejecting the stew, but I could see that the other guests were also eating from old crumbled bolws. Many times we received official bills like this. This time, Aleks was riding a new, travel-equipped bike. Luggage: 2 x 3 kg. The car flew off the Zeltweg circuit and splatted like a pancake into the barn. In the motel with infinite stars, the ladies had a day off that day. Until next time. We got the last free room under the bell tower, but we watched the cartoons on the newest Sony LCD. There was a dog fair nearby, so the whole village and its surroundings were sold out. The dogs were quiet at night. We ate at a 408-year-old village restaurant. Dinner was more recent. Aleks soon got a fan, but she found it strange that he didn’t answer any of her questions. It wasn't very hot, but we still got refreshed. Despite the kilometers, there were still energy left for playgrounds. Austrians could give Slovenians this beautiful lonely road. An area where you can do everything that is forbidden. We didn’t have enough time for animations, but we still manage to enjoy a little. Cute family with 4 year old Tristan. They drove the whole tour. Who mattered more along the way? A town with a <i>gut-besser-Gösser brewery</i>. When Aleks found out that the exhibited models were not yet available in Slovenia, he suggested a trip to Leoben for the next shopping trip. He started all five water turbines in the power plant ... ... and they started spinning. Although they look museum-like, they still produce electricity. We practiced cycling rules on the polygon. But the practice looked more like reckless riding. Where are we going to sleep today? For the 320 km long tour, we used only this sketch with larger towns. Never wandered, never asked. We spent around € 100 a day on accommodation *** with breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are building a charming power plant. Who is this freak? While Aleks was testing the skate track, all I could imagine were ambulances, an expensive helicopter ride to the hospital ... What is this? All bike parking lots were occupied. <i>OpenAir Graz</i>. There are two restaurants and a playground on the island where Aleks spent at least half an hour. Ugh! What happened? Did my nightmares come true? We simulated accident cases and practiced what Aleks should do in critical situations. We are approaching the Slovenian border. Soon the joy will be over. In Maribor, Aleks got his well-deserved ice cream and we ended our 5-day long tour. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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