Drau cycle path

kolesar popotnik 609 km
| Robert | SLO |
September 2010 : 5 days

After many years, I decided to go on a tour again. I also changed and sped up the way I traveled: I switched from walking to cycling. I boarded the train in Klagenfurt, Austria. Half of the wagon is only for bicycles. In summer, 2 more freight wagons are connected if necessary. I started the tour in Innichen /San Candido in South Tyrol, Italy. The Drau river source is only a few km away. Innichen/San Candido > Lienz > Spittal > Villach > Völkermarkt > Dravograd > Maribor > Ptuj > Ormož > Ptuj > Celje > Ljubljana. Here, the Drau is as wide as my bike. Although I’m riding through Italy, the German name is on top. But the coat of arms is seems familiar to me. I feel like I’ve seen it before. The first attraction: a big landslide covered the river. An architectural masterpiece. The path is perfectly marked throughout. The paper GPS I have is just for decoration. Only fools use the real GPS. You don’t see anyone for kilometers even though cars aren’t allowed on this road. Pointless warnings again. Enjoyment, enjoyment² , enjoyment³. A good seat allows painless travel even for distances longer than 100 kilometers. A long day is behind me. In the morning I left the <em>Hof</em> a few kilograms heavier. A perfect example for road workers on how to make a beautiful asphalt contact with grass. Wow they really know how to do it in Austria. They put up a couple boards and call it tourism. At least the hospital is close if anything happens to me. Where is a boat that would take me to the other side? The elevator kindly lifted my heavy tour bike to the other side of the river. Villach. Here's that boat I was waiting for before. Are they waiting for the president? It began to rumble even louder. Knights take over Carinthia. The locals are skeptical about the army's occupation. A group of Village people went into battle. The motorcycle show lasted for an hour. I am on my way again in the direction of the Drau. I carry up to three liters of various liquids with me. Not again? Another division occupies Carinthia. Hey, hey Wickie! The travelogue could be an additional 100 pages longer if I included all of the motorbikes and their riders. In Austria, I finally found a sign that was only in my first language. To show where I’m from, I filled all of my bags to the brim (otherwise the apples would have rotted). My bike doesn’t need a repair… yet. A brand new modern bridge ... ... the previous one was undersized . In formal Yugoslavia we used to drive on this road from Ljubljana to Klagenfurt to get bananas, coffee and toilet paper. Thanks to the great labels, I never got lost. Over one of the many power plants on the Drau. Infinitely long paths through forests and across meadows. Völkermarkt lake was created by damming the Drau. Völkermarkt. Friendly hotel for the only cyclist. The tallest bridge in Central Europe. They bungee jump off the it. Don’t look down. Since the fence is very short, you must walk along the bike. Not for dizzying cyclists. I bow. Another Slovenian sign. I met Slovenian that come to Austria to enjoy the well-kept bike paths. You won't guess what’s the purpose of this building? Liaunig Museum. There's no place like home. What is the purpose for the endless 6-digit signs in Slovenia, when there are only 10 kilometers of real cycling routes? I made the Biotec board a week ago, when I saw it along the bike path. I designed the logo in 1991. On the way to Pohorje. The hill just doesn’t want to end. And so green everywhere? (Puščava=Desert) Servus! Before I reached Ptuj this sign changed my path in a second. So I decided to also go to Ormož. I stopped counting the number of times I crossed the Drau a long time ago. If anyone thought I was cooking my own lunch in a bucket, they were wrong again. For € 3.80, I just prefer to order it. In Ormož, I <em>accidentally</em> met my friend Peter from my childhood, who is now a radio director ... ... and after a few minutes I was a guest on the radio broadcast. Peter gave me some wine for the trip, so I had to drive carefully. Driving along the edge of a storm. It is already pouring heavily in Maribor. Otherwise, I have a waterproof bike. I finished the 4th day. The bike still holds up well, only the hills wear it down a bit. My butt hurts a little despite the top-notch seat. Another mandatory purchase of a local donats souvenir and with 50 km/h down the hill. For all inclusive travelers, I am encluding a reciept. If I bought 2 regular donuts, I could make it cheaper. The last kilometer I drove together with a future traveler, my son Alex. Home Sweet Home.

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