Slovenia | Croatia

Murska Sobota - Varaždin - Ptuj

2 Touring Bicycles 165 km
| Robert | Aleks | SLO |
June 2012 : 3 days

On this tour my 8-year-old son accompanied me. The train delivered us, our bikes and some spare ones to Murska Sobota. At 12.30 we started the tour from the futuristic station and headed towards Prekmurje. Aleks traveled with a specially modified cycling suitcase. It doesn’t matter if the land is flat you still have to pedal. Wow! This is the first and last cycling rest area. Transition from round to straight driving. (Krog = Circle) Village restaurant: <i>Chaîne des Rôtisseurs & Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe</i>. Welcome to Bakovci! It’s a shame that they don’t plant tree avenues like this. They look elegant. The road was getting worse and worse, the last 10 km was like driving on a dry riverbed. The road in the picture is still ok. We cooled off in Lendava. 3-star apartment, 10 m away from the pool (behind the green fence). The camp was ok. I gave Alex my comfortable bed and I slept on an old foam bed. When we thought we would have to turn around, we spotted this bridge. Nobody’s land towards Croatia. Hello Mom! It’s completely different here as in Slovenia. The locals looked at us like we came from another planet. They had a whole story about the <i>Around the world</i> traveler about me made up. And when they saw Aleks ... you should have seen their faces. Village after village. Super bikes of the pilot & copilot. In the background a super Golf car. The Great Flood? House for sale. Tropical garden already planted. With 30 km/h directly into the storm. We did not reach a suitable shelter in time in the middle of a wide field. Both wet to the bones. Both Drau rivers meet again. In Varaždin we found a hostel where we dried our clothes, ate, quenched our thirst and watched cartoons. 3 different types of weather. Varaždin. Panoramical view. Still Varaždin at 6 AM. Varaždin at 9 AM. The sun is high up and so are we. We wake up into a washed up morning. We only paid 49 € for the hostel and breakfast in the center. We paid in Kunas and it was a little cheaper. The policewoman was directing the traffic jam. Since we are here should visit all of the museums. Of course we didn’t miss any playground. If your child does not follow your instructions and commands in a second, I do not recommend such roads. In one village, Aleks found his place again. We fuel up and continue to Slovenia. Aleks asked the border policeman: »Where is the path for cyclists?« The detour was over steep hills. We prefer to take the (completely) closed road. The road became a very wide bike path until we reached a landslide where the builders didn’t let us continue. In this situation: to the left are steep hills, to the right is a river. That means an additional 20 km back. As an ex hiker I don’t surrender that easily. I found a vineyard path that was very steep. And we were on the other side in no time. It took us only 10 minutes to do so. Perfect, but not so good for cyclists. Ptuj lake. Man made. It is forbidden to drive on the embankment. But everyone rides anyway. Let's go. We had only 10 seconds to trigger the camera and run to the spot. Selfie succeeded. So that no one would accuse me of torturing a child: when we returned home, Aleks drove like crazy all day at home. Goal reached at the station where time stopped (for us). After 165 km. Good job Aleks! Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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