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September 2019 : 3 days
<strong>Griaß Di!</strong> I have started from this station many times in the past. Despite my good orientation skills, the twisted station disorients me. I traced the extended weekend tour on the Southeast of Bavaria. 3-day event: This time without the frustration of getting the cycling world record distance. <strong>Königssee.</strong> Kings lake is not named after a king but after the personal name Kuno (Kunigsee). <strong>Obersalzberg.</strong> In this beautiful countryside Adolf Hitler and his comrades figured out the <em>Final Solution.</em> Where did all the cows go? Eagles nest ~ <strong>Kehlsteinhaus</strong> built for Hitler as a gift for his 50th birthday. Today it is a popular restaurant with an amazing view (1834 m). <strong>Underground</strong> for the Führer. Aboveground where Hitler's bombed residence was there is a III. Reich museum with the neutral name <em>Dokumentation Obersalzberg</em>. You can take pictures in the bunker and museum but without any people. Not even take selfies. This isn't a bathroom in the bunker but it is in my resort. Here you can take pictures of people but they didn't seem to like it. My German supporters. At breakfast and dinner, we chatted for the next 50 years and also for the past. Grandpa easily managed to ride 1000 m uphill. I managed to do it as well but I was out of breath. For now, I still ride without electricity. Shepherds have found the cows meanwhile. I took my time for the uphills and enjoyed the 168° German and the 192° Austrian panorama. Even at lunch it was so steep that the soup almost spilled. Panorama road <strong>Rossfeld</strong> (1600 m a.s.l.). The bad weather was here 1 day earlier and the mountains didn't shine anymore. View to Watzmann 2713 m (left), 3rd highest peak in Germany. The 1st ascensionist was a Slovenian priest and alpinist Valentin Stanič in 1800. The most photographed church in Germany wasn't for the calendar this time. I try to do 1 photo every 10 km on my photo reportages. It is time that I finish my tour and it started to rain again. Airport Salzburg | <strong>Hangar-7</strong>: Red Bull airplane and formula collection. Free entrance. Salzburg ~ Mirabell gardens. If I travel alone there is sometimes a problem where to leave my bike if I have to go ... They sell the real Mozzart balls only in 4 stores in Salzburg. They make them with the secret recipe of confectioner Paul Fürst from 1884. One silver-blue wrapped ball costs like a bag of »un-original« gold wrapped balls. Originally packed I traveled back home.

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