Vienna • Bratislava

Lake Neusiedl

Touring Bicycle 358 km
| Robert | SLO |
September 2017 : 4 days

<strong>Welcome</strong> to Burgenland in Austria. I'm going to cycle around the Lake Neusiedl, visit Vienna and take a look in Bratislava. Lake Neusiedl is the biggest lake in Austria. It's only 1,5 m deep and was formatted 13.000 years ago. The lake has very little inflows. Most of the water fals from the sky but only a little. Between  the year 1865 and 1871 it totaly evaporated. It doesn't rain a lot here. It's sunny over 300 days a year. I traveled diffrently this time: I cycled the whole day and came back to the same accommodation in the evening. I only took what I (don't) need. Although the bike didn't drive on its own. The wind is blowing all the time and of course in the wrong direction … …  and the spinning windmill that »cut« the birds. You have to be careful! Ahh come on, why are there 2 signposts that are totaly the same? I didn't panic for nothing back there. Danger! Things are flying in every direction. Thank you Mr. Ticketsman for communicating with me in my language. His Slovene was almoast perfect. The train drives me to Vienna … when it arrives. Dear Herr conductor, I wanted to Vienna station and not to a space station. I explored the city of Commisar Rex. Natural science museum. Vienna has over 1.346 km of cycle paths and 41.600 parking spaces. State opera. I was very relaxed while cycling through this big city. Town hall. The cycle path map helped me to navigate. I got it for free. 100water art (Hundertwasser).This is the widest cycle path that I've ever seen. Prater. Riesenrad 60 meter ferris wheel … … and »riesen« horizontal spiral. Oh look! I'll see Vienna from above. I look at the red spinning logo everyday at work. The elevator has a window on the top, so you can see up. The river Danube behind and next to it also Danube but less dirty. Between the river-beds there is a 21 km long island for recreation. It was built 30 years ago. I drove on the Danube cycle path from Vienna to Bratislava. Great! 30 km of a nice straight cycle path. I turned on autopilot and meditated. There's clearly not enough parking places. Swinger club. Free entry for bugs. One of the rare slopes. It's appropriate for younger cyclist too. Some birds that »survived« the windmill emigrated to Hungary. I sat down at a French table and ate Austrian food in Hungary. There's a 121 km long cycle path around the lake. You don't ride near the lake most of the time. Its usualy some kilometers away. Don't you see? We are here! The ship was almost 1 hour late and the captin said we won't be able to fit all the bikes on board. Boarding complete ~ with all the bikers on board. Prepare for take off ~ to the other side of the lake. Water kiters, sailers and the windmills in the background having fun. Slovakia or Slovenia? The main road to Bratislava. The »Plattenbau« settlement was constructed by the worlds most famous architect. Is it just me or is this place kinda messy? The capital of Slovakia. Bratislava castle the simbol of the city. It's getting hot. And by the way, this is Miss south Bratislava 2017. Theres a fine restaurant in the UFO. Extreme Slovenian cyclist in front of the castle. Out of settlement a helmet is obligatory in Slovakia. Ahoj! It's miss south Bratislava again. Maybe she will become a wine queen one day. Somebody else put a stork on his car but I put my bike and drove home to Slovenia. Translated by Aleks Mihelčič.

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